What if I change my mind after placing an order?

We operate an automated system which means that orders are typically processed almost immediately upon receipt of payment. While this ensures optimum efficiency for our customers, it does mean that the time window for any cancellations or changes is very small. If, after placing an order, you change your mind please let us know immediately. We will do what we can to accommodate you, but cannot make any guarantees.

Can I return an unwanted item to you?

All sales are final. We cannot accept returns for unwanted items under any circumstances 

What if the item arrives damaged?

Please contact us with photographs of the damage, and we will arrange for a replacement to be shipped plus collection of the damaged product from your nominated premises. There will be no extra charge for this, provided the following conditions have been met:

- All damaged items must be reported to us within 48 hours of arrival  Please therefore check an item for damage at the point of delivery, and to sign for the item as damaged where necessary.

- All items reported as damaged must have been signed for as damaged. Should the box appear to be damaged, or the time not available to fully examine the item, please sign as damaged in any case. Any item which is not explicitly signed for as damaged will be logged as delivered in good condition, thus rendering subsequent courier claims invalid.

- Photographic evidence clearly showing the damage must be supplied to us before we can proceed with an exchange or credit.

What if I do not want a replacement?

In the event that an item is delivered in damaged condition, and the terms listed above have been met, please notify us and we will arrange for the damaged item to be collected. We will then credit your account balance to reflect the cost of this order.

Can I receive a refund directly onto my credit card/bank account?

We do not supply direct refunds under any circumstances. Should you have received a damaged item for which you do not wish to receive a replacement, which you did not sign for as damaged, we will credit your account balance to reflect the cost of this order. If you signed for as damaged and notified us within 48 hours of delivery, we will refund your card. If you paid by Laybuy, we will ask Laybuy to refund you the appropriate amount.

Are your items protected by a warranty?

All our products (with the exception of graded items which carry a 30 day guarantee), are covered by a twelve month return-to-base warranty against manufacturing defects.

What does 'return-to-base' warranty mean?

A return-to-base warranty means that, should you wish to return an item to our workshop/suppliers,  for direct technical inspection and/or repair, this must be done at your own cost. If the fault is found to be connected to a manufacturing defect that could not have been resolved via remote assistance, we will repair or replace the item as necessary and return to your free of charge. If, however, the fault is found to be user error or could have been resolved via remote assistance, we reserve the right to charge for labour and return costs as necessary.

What if something goes wrong with the product while it's under warranty?

In the vast majority of cases, replacement parts and/or remote assistance will resolve any issues. We have a dedicated support department which will be able to provide you with technical assistance, including the supply of spare parts - please contact us.  In order to ensure that your problem is dealt with as efficiently as possible, please provide as much information as you can, including photographs where relevant. Spare parts required due to misuse or damage will be charged.